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US-2008308034-A1: Ribbon Crystal Pulling Furnace Afterheater with at Least One Opening patent, US-2008312214-A1: Inhibitors of the 11-Beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Enzyme patent, US-2009150395-A1: System and method for updating file patent, US-2009161397-A1: Computer power supply patent, US-2009246271-A1: Combination of ceramide and gemcitabine for inducing cell death and uses thereof in treating cancer patent, US-2010089982-A1: Member formed with coating film having tin as its main component, coating film forming method and soldering method patent, US-2004008837-A1: Combining multimedia services with traditional telephony services in a public branch exchange patent, US-2004072029-A1: Steel-on-steel and compliant-on-steel calendered magnetic recording media, and methods of making patent, US-2004146483-A1: Relax cosmetic having a temperature effect patent, US-2017025161-A1: Interfaces and die packages, and appartuses including the same patent, US-2004180671-A1: Location estimation of wireless terminals based on combinations of signal strength measurements and geometry-of-arrival measurements patent, US-2004198548-A1: Synchronizer having ball ramp actuator mechanism patent, US-2004203724-A1: System for monitoring the perfomance of mobile telephony networks patent, US-2005039637-A1: Dehydroxylated aluminium silicate based material, process and installation for the manufacture thereof patent, US-2005089669-A1: Scented polymeric sheet patent, US-2005114008-A1: Speed sensor instability detection patent, US-2005265252-A1: Enhancing ephemeral port allocation patent, US-2006075961-A1: Moistening arrangement of multiple-nip calender patent, US-2006200908-A1: Universal pillow patent, US-2006216652-A1: Composition for forming anti-reflective coating for use in lithography patent, US-2006266594-A1: Embedding typed handbrake operating device patent, US-2007027856-A1: Product searching system and method using search logic according to each category patent, US-2007069393-A1: Wiring board embedded with spherical semiconductor element patent, US-2007084572-A1: Protection device with replaceable adaptor parts patent, US-2007116667-A1: Colon cleansing compositions and methods patent, US-2007125382-A1: Bordier mask patent, US-2007145331-A1: Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2007292608-A1: Color chips prepared by color clustering used for matching refinish paints patent, US-2008058001-A1: Power amplifier system and mobile phone terminal using same patent, US-2008067206-A1: Storage system patent, US-2008097683-A1: Control apparatus, control method, and engine control unit patent, US-2008101639-A1: Speaker Module for Electronic Device patent, US-2008193854-A1: Electrolytic solution and battery patent, US-2009021630-A1: Solid state imaging element and driving method thereof patent, US-2009026305-A1: Hands-free paper towel dispenser patent, US-2009048477-A1: Hydrocracking Catalyst, and Method for Production of Fuel Base Material patent, US-2009061005-A1: Paliperidone Polymorphs patent, US-2009066281-A1: Method and apparatus for electric motor torque monitoring patent, US-2009240752-A1: System and Method for Calculating Coordinate Pairs for Construction of Arches and Archways patent, US-2009255254-A1: Method and device for increasing the energy efficiency of a power plant patent, US-2009316744-A1: Semiconductor laser, method for manufacturing semiconductor laser, optical disk device, and optical pickup patent, US-2010044457-A1: Tilt Nozzle for Coal-Fired Burner patent, US-2010073788-A1: Void-containing resin molded product, production method therefor, and reflective plate patent, US-2010093904-A1: Granular stabilizer for polymer and production process thereof patent, US-2004106643-A1: Tropane derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors patent, US-2004155180-A1: Mass spectrometry methods using electron capture by ions patent, US-2004188846-A1: Porous film, composition and manufacturing method, interlayer dielectric film, and semiconductor device patent, US-2005172676-A1: Method for the production of a cylindrical quartz glass body having a low oh content patent, US-2005244285-A1: Electric air pump for secondary air supply system patent, US-2006039689-A1: Flash apparatus, image capture apparatus having a flash apparatus, and method of controlling a flash apparatus patent, US-2006055825-A1: Image transmitting system, an image transmitting method, and a machine readable medium storing thereon a computer program for transmitting images patent, US-2007018789-A1: Vehicle unlocking system patent, US-2007065047-A1: Structure of air-packing device patent, US-2007227324-A1: Sheet hole punching apparatus and sheet hole punching method patent, US-2007286138-A1: Method and system for providing ip services using cable infrastructure patent, US-2008053518-A1: Transparent solar cell system patent, US-2008240697-A1: Remote View And Controller For A Camera patent, US-2008255160-A1: Mapk/erk kinase inhibitors patent, US-2008276661-A1: Laundry machine patent, US-2009281176-A1: Process for the synthesis of ramelteon and its intermediates patent, US-2010008102-A1: Back light module patent, US-2004020342-A1: Fence protection arrangement for a slide miter saw patent, US-2004028364-A1: Single mode optical fiber for WDM transmission, and manufacturing method of preform for the optical fibers patent, US-2004032898-A1: Digital spread spectrum frequency synthesizer patent, US-2004250288-A1: Method and apparatus for storing surveillance films patent, US-2005027728-A1: System and method for relational representation of hierarchical data patent, US-2005141271-A1: Method for fabricating a semiconductor memory cell patent, US-2006064642-A1: Seamless presentation integrator patent, US-2006179046-A1: Web operation language patent, US-2006181208-A1: Black matrix composition for plasma display panel and plasma display panel patent, US-2007098696-A1: Immortalized fibroblasts patent, US-2017190696-A1: Diaryl-azole compound patent, US-2007148908-A1: Method of forming trench isolation layer of semiconductor device patent, US-2007195092-A1: Overlap density (OD) heatmaps and consensus data displays patent, US-2007221976-A1: Trench capacitor and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2007231661-A1: Separator of Fuel Battery, Method of Joining Separator, and Fuel Battery patent, US-2008027559-A1: Variable stiffness intramedullary stem patent, US-2008126334-A1: Managing group of location based triggers patent, US-2008135199-A1: Corrugator belt patent, US-2008167582-A1: Foot Typing Method patent, US-2008218560-A1: Piezoelectric element, ink jet recording head and ink jet printer patent, US-2008276058-A1: Storage Device For Data-Smuggling patent, US-2008298013-A1: Resilient fastener and heat dissipation apparatus incorporating the same patent, US-2009063537-A1: Method and apparatus for generating a user profile patent, US-2009068823-A1: Plasma Ion Doping Method and Apparatus patent, US-2009218076-A1: Method of manufacturing panels having integrated heat pipes and/or inserts maintained by tongues patent, US-2005286966-A1: Device for applying a substance patent, US-2006073500-A1: Methods and compositions for RNA amplification and detection using an RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase patent, US-2006074586-A1: Temperature sensing device patent, US-2006226076-A1: Stabilized formulation patent, US-2007198397-A1: Electronic Trading System patent, US-2008000326-A1: Method for the Purification of a Molten Metal patent, US-2008038107-A1: Devices and Methods for Body Elevation patent, US-2008247171-A1: Fluorescent lamp fixture patent, US-2009017730-A1: Polishing apparatus and polishing method patent, US-2009183450-A1: Assembly type wall structure patent, US-2010015385-A1: Filling body patent, US-2004031740-A1: High throughput plasma mass filter patent, US-2004150015-A1: High density and high programming efficiency MRAM design patent, US-2004164044-A1: Hot-fill container base structure patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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