Gear formula transmission electricity jar



The utility model discloses a gear formula transmission electricity jar, including motor, cylinder and rotation -preventing key, the cylinder links to each other with rotation -preventing key is fixed, inside piston, ball, screw nut and the hollow piston rod of being equipped with of cylinder, be equipped with the guide way on the face of cylinder of piston, rotation -preventing key locates in the guide way, a side of piston links to each other with hollow piston rod, and the other end of piston links to each other with screw nut is fixed, screw nut connects on ball, the both ends of cylinder are connected with front end housing and adapter respectively, and on the front end housing was worn to locate by hollow piston rod's the other end, ball's outside end was connected on the adapter, is equipped with the gear train in the adapter, and the motor passes through the gear train and gives ball with the power transmission. The utility model discloses advantages such as the electricity jar has the integrated level height, operates steadily, transmission efficiency is higher, life is longer especially are suitable for the occasion of high -accuracy frequent motion, can effectively reduce the fault rate of system.




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