Segment type eyebrow powder pen



The utility model provides a segment type eyebrow powder pen, includes that eyebrow powder bottle, intermediate junction spare, eyebrow powder cap, cotton are brushed, eyebrow powder is written, and eyebrow powder bottle and eyebrow powder cap lie in the looks remote site of intermediate junction spare respectively, and cotton brush and eyebrow powder nib brush the installed part through the cotton respectively and the written installed part of eyebrow powder is installed in intermediate junction spare one end, and the head written at eyebrow powder sets up the fourth spheroid. Pulverous eyebrow powder of this eyebrow powder pen packs into in the eyebrow powder bottle, eyebrow powder can can not not use owing to damaging when carrying, whole eyebrow powder pen is elongated shape simultaneously, and convenient carrying, especially adapted the travel frequently white collar and the ms that goes on business, the eyebrow powder pen adopts cotton brush and the design of eyebrow powder nib double -end, it is more convenient to make up on the messenger, furthermore, set up the fourth spheroid through the head in the nib, utilize the spheroidal intersecting line of fourth, the eyebrow wheel profile or the border line that can conveniently draw up clearly, the fourth spheroid that utilizes written head can conveniently carry out the large tracts of land thrush, the thrush third dimension that this eyebrow pencil drew up is stronger, it is also more convenient to use.




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