General purpose concatenation formula chopsticks


  • Inventors: CUI RUNDONG
  • Assignees: 崔润东
  • Publication Date: March 15, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-206006782-U


The utility model discloses a general purpose concatenation formula chopsticks, including mated clamping head, the section of gripping and chopsticks top section, the clamping head is the cylinder structure with the section of gripping, chopsticks top section is quadrangular structure, the section of gripping an and chopsticks top section left end all is equipped with the thread head, and it has the external screw thread to open on the thread head, is equipped with the cavity in the section of gripping, and the cavity is opened at the section of gripping right -hand member has the opening, the cavity right part be equipped with with the thread head on the supporting internal thread of external screw thread, the screw thread mouth of forming a complete set with the thread head is still opened to the clamping head right -hand member, the utility model discloses reduce length after its dismouting greatly, can be convenient put in the pocket convenient to carry, be equipped with the cavity in the section of gripping, can wherein depositing things such as condiment or toothpick, it is convenient daily required, through changing different function blocks, the function of multiple difference can be realized to a pair chopsticks, the chopsticks that carry a large amount of differences are need not to purchase and whole needs can be satisfied, and convenient to use, occupation space reduces greatly.




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