More stable all -round scoring machine of centre gripping



The utility model discloses a more stable all -round scoring machine of centre gripping, the on -line screen storage device comprises a base, the drive chamber has all been seted up to inner cavity of the base's both sides, the equal fixed mounting in bottom in two drive chambeies has clamping and fixing device, the equal sliding connection in both sides at base top has the grip block, and connecting block and clamping and fixing device's top fixed connection is passed through to the bottom of grip block, the top fixed mounting of base has the casing, the top fixed mounting of grip block has the baffle that both ends link to each other respectively with casing inner chamber side, one side fixed mounting at baffle top has the drive arrangement with casing inner chamber top fixed connection, one side fixed mounting of drive arrangement has the stop device who is located the baffle top, and connecting rod and drive arrangement's side fixed connection is passed through to stop device's one end. The utility model discloses a, through drive arrangement and stop device's setting, make the nick piece can be left or removal right, reach the effect that automatic metal covering to different positions carries out the nick.




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