Go up sleeping berth assembly



The utility model relates to a go up sleeping berth assembly, its characterized in that: the metal crate top surface is from lower supreme cardboard, natural palm layer and the cushion laid in proper order, and metal crate is inboard to be connected through hinge and auttombilism room back panel, middle the fixed connection aluminium alloy connecting piece in the metal crate outside, and fillet plastics frames are wrapped up at two angles in the metal crate outside, bottom the protecting wire net assembly and aluminium alloy connecting piece hub connection. Its sleeping berth cushion quality is light, increases the frame rigidity, more soft the increase comfort level of cushion, and the combination that the application of metalwork and aluminium alloy adds the protection network has improved holistic aesthetic feeling, increases and protects, and the application of protection network effectively prevents personnel from to have a rest on the sleeping berth, and personnel fall when braking, also can play fine protective action when putting article.




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