Packagine machine piece device of form advancing



The utility model provides a packagine machine piece device of form advancing, belongs to carton packaging equipment field. Its characterized in that: two sets of horizontal installation's of setting up including the longitudinal symmetry rolling mechanism, the thickness of the flaky packing carton of clearance less than or equal to paper between two sets of rolling mechanism, power unit is connected to upper portion rolling mechanism and/or lower part rolling mechanism one end, upper portion rolling mechanism is the follower, and lower part rolling mechanism is main drive, but the hanging in frame (1) of upper portion rolling mechanism free rotation, and lower part rolling mechanism passes through fixed?establishment and installs in frame (1). The utility model discloses having changed among the prior art belt transport's simple support and having sent the mode, utilized the clearance between two sets of gyro wheel mechanisms to step up the flaky packing carton of paper, when having avoided carrying on conveyor belt, crooked problem easily appears in the packing carton in transportation process, and simultaneously, steady, smooth transport state through upper portion gyro wheel mechanism further guarantees the packing carton thoroughly avoids taking place crooked phenomenon.




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