Furniture damping device's prepositioning mechanism


  • Inventors: WU ZHIYONG
  • Assignees: 伍志勇
  • Publication Date: March 15, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-206016525-U


The utility model provides a furniture damping device's prepositioning mechanism, includes damping device, and this damping device includes fixed bolster, attenuator, positioning unit and reset spring at least, and the attenuator is connected with the reset spring cooperation, is just fixed a position through reset spring and slide on the fixed bolster, and positioning unit sets up on the fixed bolster, its characterized in that: still including fixed component and fixed slotware, fixing component and damping device and setting up on fixed slotware, wherein be provided with the prepositioning adjusting part on fixed component and/or the damping device, the relative independent setting with fixed component of damping device and the two are through the regulation of prepositioning adjusting part and positioning action realization relative position's regulation. According to the invention, improvement is realized through above structure, it is reasonable to have simple structure, and the dependable performance is adjusted swiftly, and convenient operation connects the compactedness height between long service life, component, switching process silence, steady, the smooth and easy and characteristics such as little of exerting oneself, and the practicality is strong.




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