Side radiating engine cylinder lid



The utility model provides a side radiating engine cylinder lid, it is including integrative casting forming's main part, the turning of main part top forms the plane, top center department is equipped with recessed cylinder oil strain chamber, the oil strain chamber is two, be located main part top both sides respectively, main part top one end is equipped with the inlet port, be connected through recessed oil groove between inlet port and the oil strain chamber, main part other end tip is equipped with the square groove hole with oil strain chamber bottom intercommunication, the tip turning of square groove hole forms the plane, be equipped with spacing hole in the main part at square groove hole top, the equipartition has the fin of evagination on the lateral wall of main part both sides, the modal length direction distribution is followed to the fin, it forms steam dispersion channel to reserve 0.5~1cm between the adjacent fin. Its radiating effect of this scheme is good, can effectively lengthen engine service life.




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