Non - road vehicular hydraulic four wheel drive hydraulic system valve unit



The utility model discloses a non - road vehicular hydraulic four wheel drive hydraulic system valve unit, including hydraulic manifold block and flange, solenoid valve and the coupling of setting on the hydraulic manifold block, the solenoid valve includes first, second, third, fourth solenoid valve, correspond ground, solenoid valve electromagnetism iron ladle draws together first, second, third, fourth solenoid valve electro -magnet, the coupling is 3, and one of them coupling is connected with preceding motor, and two other couplings are connected with 2 back motors respectively, the hydraulic oil that comes out from the high -pressure pump passes through the preceding motor of flange entering. Through will be freely take turns and prevent skidding the function integration to the integrated package, on screw through oil inlet flange arrives whole integrated package direct mount the flange mounting face of preceding motor, have easy installation and maintain and just save space and the cost.




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