Textile fabric sampling device



The utility model relates to a textile?sector especially relates to a textile fabric sampling device, and the device can be through the effect of gravity, once only tailors the polylith sample, does benefit to and improves production efficiency. Its structure includes the landing leg of workstation and below, the workstation on be equipped with the rubber pad, the both sides of workstation be equipped with a riser respectively, diaphragm fixed connection is passed through at the top of two risers, be equipped with the cuboid tup between two risers, the tup on vertical a plurality of both ends open -ended cuboid sleeve that has inlayed, telescopic bottom is equipped with the round cutting edge, the tup both sides are equipped with the slider respectively, are equipped with the slide with slider matched with in the riser of tup both sides, the last fixed surface of tup be equipped with a lug, be equipped with a through -hole on the diaphragm, the top of right side riser is equipped with first pulley, the right side of right side riser is equipped with the second pulley. Its easy operation, convenient to use is applicable to multiple place.




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