Pet shower nozzle of bathing



The utility model provides a pet shower nozzle of bathing, includes top shell, drain pan, button slider and fixed band, its characterized in that, the top shell is the middle shell that is equipped with the inner chamber, and top bottom portion is equipped with outer picture peg of round and the interior picture peg of round from the extroversion in respectively, be equipped with a socket on the outer picture peg, the drain pan is connected with top shell lock, be equipped with on to the side of the drain pan with the socket window of socket looks adaptation, be equipped with sectorial water storage tank and guiding gutter on the top surface of drain pan, water storage tank and guiding gutter be equipped with two division boards, one be equipped with a water hole excessively of running through on the division board terminal surface, it runs through the radial slider groove of division board to be equipped with one on the drain pan side, button slider and slider groove looks adaptation sliding connection, be connected with drain pan side rotation respectively for two sections of the fixed band. Simultaneous control shower nozzle break -make water and give the pet brush hair on the other hand, another hand can grasp the pet to make it not touch, and structural design is novel, and is with low costs, the volume production of being convenient for.




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