Foot's moxa -moxibustion physiotherapeutic instruments of area massage



The utility model provides a foot's moxa -moxibustion physiotherapeutic instruments of area massage, involves the physiotherapy and massage technical field of foot. It is not enough to solve the technique that current foot's moxa -moxibustion physiotherapeutic instruments function is more single, including the casing, is equipped with the powder heater in the casing inner chamber, and powder heater top is equipped with stores up the medicine groove, is equipped with the running -board in the top of storing up the medicine groove, its characterized in that: running -board below still be equipped with the gyro wheel support, be equipped with the massage roller subassembly that is used for foot massages on the gyro wheel support. Can carry out foot massages in foot's moxa -moxibustion physiotherapy, because the reflecting region of whole organs of people's health has been gathered to human sole, the massage roller subassembly can be used to amazing reflex zones of a sole, sees through the nerve, makes corresponding organ produce reaction and function, makes blood circulation smooth and easy, gets rid of the wastes material or the toxin that gather in vivo, makes metabolism normally operate, reaches the effect of therapeutical health preserving.




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