Welding seam automatic identification adjusts welding machine about tubulation



The utility model relates to a welding seam automatic identification adjusts welding machine about tubulation. Including the operation panel, be equipped with on the operation panel that horizontal pressure equipment is put, end compression device and welding set, two axle beds including relative setting are put in horizontal pressure equipment, install the compression roller under installing between the lower part of diaxon seat between compression roller, the upper portion, and the roller of lower compression roller one end is stretched out by the place axle bed and is connected to first speed reducer, the side pressure roller is all installed through vertical dabber including relative two bases that set up to the end compression device on two bases, welding set erects between the two and installs vertical guide arm and drive screw including relative base and the footstock that sets up, installs the support that Z appeared between the guide pin bushing of guide arm and drive screw's screw, installs welder on the support, drive screw's upper end is stretched out by the footstock and is connected to the second speed reducer, still including the test probe and the controller that detect the welding seam position, first speed reducer, test probe and second speed reducer all are connected with the controller electricity.




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