Can heat -seal limit inhale cotton cutting device of sound



The utility model provides a can heat -seal limit inhale cotton cutting device of sound, a serial communication port, including the cutter, the fixed plate, go up face and hot -pressing die, the cutter has the edge of a knife, the cutter is kept away from the one end of the edge of a knife and is fixed on the fixed plate, and the cutter encloses the shape that becomes to inhale the sound cotton and need processing on the fixed plate, inboard at the cutter is provided with hot -pressing die, hot -pressing die its upper end after fixed is less than the upper end of cutter, it is about 55 high hardness steel by hardness and makes to go up the face, can bear the punching press more than the 100t, when cutting, heat then exert the stamping press to last face last face, cut off with the extrusion of cutter high pressure and inhale the sound cotton, the hot -pressing die edge -to -edge bite is had no progeny inhales the cotton banding that carries on of sound all around. The adoption should be cut the device and can be improved production efficiency and improve the banding effect.




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