Steel pipe becomes pattern banjo axle



The utility model discloses a steel pipe becomes pattern banjo axle, including bearing frame, fixed fixture, axle housing, central siphon, protective cover, shower nozzle mouth and protection casing, the fixed welding strengthening muscle in the outside of bearing frame, the end cover is installed to the one end of bearing frame, and the bearing frame passes through coupling nut fixed connection with the end cover, bearing frame welded connection pipe, the connecting pipe is pegged graft in the inside of bearing frame, and the connecting pipe is connected on the central siphon, and the connecting pipe wraps up through fixed fixture with the junction of central siphon, connecting pipe outside parcel protection casing, protection casing and fixed fixture fixed connection. This steel pipe becomes pattern banjo axle, the otic placode becomes the differential lock with partition plate group, satisfies complex operating condition's demand, interior concealed stopper, the braking is steady reliable, has reduced the vibration that produces when applying the brake, collecting work safe and reliable, the oeverall quality is light, and production processes is simple, easily manufacturing.




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