The utility model discloses a bridge guardrail, it includes the mound body, the bottom plate, a pedestal, stand and crossbeam, the bottom of bottom plate is equipped with a plurality of reference columns, the bottom plate pouring is fixed on the mound body, the upper surface of bottom plate flushes with the upper surface of the mound body, the upper surface of bottom plate is equipped with a plurality of bolt holes, be equipped with the through -hole corresponding with the bolt hole on the base, the base passes through bolt tightening to be fixed on the bottom plate, the stand is fixed on the base, the stand top is located through strutting arrangement to the crossbeam, strutting arrangement still is connected with the stand through the connecting piece, a plurality of night light stones have been inlayed on the crossbeam, stand trailing flank fixedly connected with is used for control to hinder the hydraulic push rod of sideboard upset, hydraulic push rod right -hand member and the upper end hinged joint who hinders sideboard, the stand upper end is provided with the infrared control switch who is used for controlling hydraulic push rod work. The utility model discloses firm stability, safe and reliable, the convenient back of damaging are changed, promote bridge guardrail's security greatly.




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