Dried bean noodles sunning frame with rain -proof function


  • Inventors: XU XIURONG
  • Assignees: 徐秀荣
  • Publication Date: March 22, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-206037631-U


The utility model provides a dried bean noodles sunning frame with rain -proof function, there is a tandem axle piece upper end that shines two vertebra poles of flat left and right sides in the vertical position respectively, has concatenated a pivot between the shaft hole of a shaft hole has all been offered at every tandem axle piece middle part about, two tandem axle pieces, is provided with the plastic film book in the periphery of pivot, and the plastic film book is coiled with the spiral winding mode by the plastic film to form, the one end limit and the pivot fastening connection of plastic film, the plastic film after unreeling can cover on shining flat top surface totally. The utility model has the characteristics of novel structure, operation are not only portably but also fast, rainproof is effectual, the practicality is strong.




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