Button waterproof structure



The utility model provides a button waterproof structure, include the casing, press the key cap, be provided with the key hole on the casing, the button hatband moves the button body and slides in the key hole, wherein the upper surface of casing is provided with positioning groove, the key hole sets up positioning groove's center, the upper surface of casing positioning groove's periphery is provided with the locating hole, the cap body and the reference column that include integrated into one piece according to the key cap, the cap body reaches the reference column is in through the fixed shaping of the mode of moulding plastics positioning groove reaches in the locating hole. The utility model discloses button waterproof structure has high waterproof protection level performance, in the little place in design space, does not need the independent adhesion technology of reuse glue, and along with the lapse of disposition of equipment time, waterproof performance can not descend in addition. In the costneutrality, improved the waterproof performance of equipment, improved production, packaging efficiency.




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