Hybrid napiergrass guimu is cane cutting device for kind



The utility model relates to a hybrid napiergrass guimu is cane cutting device for kind, include the mesa of bending that forms by long desktop and short desktop concatenation, the contained angle of long, short desktop is 135, the both ends face of long, short desktop is all perpendicular rather than the both sides facial features, be provided with the slot that is 45 contained angles rather than the terminal surface on the short desktop upper surface, a tip opening of this slot and the terminal surface parallel and level of short desktop, the other end of this slot be towards the mesa interior angle department of bending, it has the cutter arbor to articulate on the terminal surface of short desktop, close on slot department on the cutter arbor and be provided with the edge of a knife that is down the V -arrangement, be provided with the cutting edge of cockscomb structure on this edge of a knife. The driving mechanism has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use.




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