Improvements in Electric Cloth-cutting Machines


12,691. Leve, R. E. June 21. Cutting-out. - Relates to eleatrically - operated machines which are moved by hand over the material in cutting out patterns for garments &c. The cutter E is reciprocated in a slot between vertical guides in a standard B, the extent of the reciprocations being preferably not greater than the thickness of the base-plate A, so that the knife will not leave the slot therein during the cutting operation. The knife may project beyond both of the vertical guides, or one of the guides may project forwards as far as the knife, and both knife and guide may be provided with a serrated cutting- edge, so that the material will be severed by means of a shearing cut. The knife-holder G is provided with a horizontally-sliding block g<2> which is engaged by a crank-pin h on the shaft of the motor d. The material is pressed downwards during the cutting operation by means of a presser-foot m at the lower end of a slotted plate N which is adjustable on the frame of the machine, and carries a guardplate o for preventing .the hands of the operator from being injured by the knife. The machine is started by means of a, switch carried upon or within the handle. In the arrangement shown in Fig. 4, the handle is made in two parts J, J<1>, each carrying electrical contacts k, k<4>, normally held apart by springs k<2>. When, however, the handle is grasped for the purpose of applying the machine to the cloth, the contacts k, k<4> are forced together, and the knife is simultaneously operated.




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