Improvements in Cylinder Copying Apparatus.

  • Inventors: JAMES ELLAM
  • Assignees: James Ellam
  • Publication Date: July 03, 1902
  • Publication Number: GB-190117638-A


17,638. Ellam, J. Sept. 3. Copying documents.-Relates to stencil copying- apparatus. The cylinder a on which the stencil is fixed is formed hollow, without a shaft, and has two end pieces m, one of which is journalled on a pin i screwed into the frame h. The other one has a pin screwed into it, on which is a sleeve journalled in the frame h. The handle for turning the cylinder is clamped by this screw pin against the sleeve, and may be adjusted angularly, for printing on different parts of the sheet. A spring stop on the frame engages the handle in the starting position. The impression roller b is mounted on springs c fixed to the framing at one end d and bearing on cams e at their other ends. The cams e are on a shaft having a handle f, which may be moved to adjust the pressure of the roller on the cylinder. The handle may be fixed in the desired position by a pin g placed in one of the series of holes h<1> in the framing. Specifications No. 12,013, A.D. 1887, No. 8625, A.D. 1893, and No. 23,277 A.D. 1896, are referred to.




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