Improvements relating to Taps and Vents for Casks, Water Pipes, and the like


21,407. Fraser, W. Oct. 25. Self-closing valves; venting-valves.-Relates to taps and vents for beer barrels, water pipes, &c. and of the kind described in Specification No. 16,283, A.D. 1899. The cask B, Fig. 1, or other vessel is fitted with a socket A and a plug casing C made of stamped sheet-metal parts c, c<1>, c<2>. The casing c has a seat c' for a spring-pressed valve E, which is pushed off its seat by the spigot D of a tap, and the casing carries a strainer F. A spring-pressed venting-valve H, Fig. 5, is enclosed in a casing l<2>, Figs. 4 and 5, which is fixed to a socket K made as described with reference to Fig. 1. A valve 0, Fig. 7, for preventing outflow from a water pipe when the ordinary tap is withdrawn has a casing N made in two parts p, p<1>.




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