Improvements in Vapour Generators and Burners


22,751. Ewart, J. W. Nov. 11. Vapour burners.-The burner is shown applied to a stove for boiling and like purposes. The oil within the reservoir c is put under pressure by a pump d, and is forced up a tube b, provided with a valve l, to a vaporizing-coil a. This coil is heated by any suitable means, such as by an ordinary vapour burner e, also receiving oil from the reservoir c. The vapour generated in the coil a passes by a tube f to a jet within a mixing-tube g, and the mixture of air and vapour ascends to an annular casing h, supported upon standards i, and provided with numerous perforations j for the escape of the mixture. The mixture is ignited above the perforations. Further supplies of air pass to the flames through openings k.




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