Improvements in Motor Road Vehicles, Portable Engines and the like


939. Hudson, J. C. Jan. 18. Frames; road-vehicle motors.-Relates to steam, oil, gas, or other motors for motor cars, self-propelling steam fire-engines, and portable engines. In the form shown in Fig. 2, the crank shaft F of the engine is placed above, and parallel with, the shaft or axle K, on which are the road or running wheels of the vehicle. It is kept at a fixed distance therefrom by a frame J provided with bearings, or in other forms by links. The engine cylinder or cylinders B with the crosshead guides are secured to the spring-borne framing D of the vehicle, and are kept at a fixed distance from the crank shaft either by links L, or, in other forms, by a pivoted frame carrying the crank-shaft bearings. The crank shaft is geared to the road-wheel axle by spur, chain, or other gear, or a separate motor is applied to each wheel. In the form shown in Fig. 7, the running-axle bearings are guided by horn blocks T, and the crank-shaft bearings are capable of sliding vertically in the fixed engine framing C'. In another example the engines are disposed beneath the springs M.




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