Improvements in Two-needle Hemstitch Sewing Machines.


6922. Macdonald, J. K., [Singer Co. Nõhmaschinen Akt.-Ges.]. March 21. Hem-stitching machines; multiple-needle machines; needle-bars, vibrating laterally; perforating-devices. -Relates to two-needle hem-stitch machines, by which two parallel hem-stitch seams are formed and the object is to produce wider hem-stitching. The needle-carriers 3, which have a pin-and-slot connection, are oscillated from a slotted camactuated lever 9, through a lever 5, which engages an arm 7 of one of the carriers. From the lever 5 is also oscillated a rock-shaft 16, to two opposite arms of which are connected the loopers or the like 11 so that these last are moved laterally in agreement with the lateral movements of the needles, and the alteration of this vibration is effected by a single adjustment of the connection between the levers 9, 5. A broad thread divider 23, carried on an arm 24, Fig. 5, is operated from a pin 34 on the cam 10, so as to rise into the work at the beginning of each three-stitch cycle, and remain in the work during the cycle.




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