Improvements in Spring Attachments for Securing Small Articles to Cards and other Carriers


13.242. Smith, J., and Smith, S. V. B. June 11. Displaying.-Relates to spring devices for detachably securing studs, buttons, solitaires, sleevelinks, and the like to display cards, tablets, panels, &c. Spring wire is bent into a rectangle, which is bent up at the ends a, a<2>, Fig. 2. These ends are passed through slits in the card or tablet c, and the base b of the stud is inserted between them. The wire rectangle may be replaced by sheet metal, which is slotted, or pressed out to form pockets, for receiving the stud. The bent-up ends may be curved over the central part, which is cambered to increase the springiness, the stud in this case being inserted laterally. In a modification, one of the bent-up ends a<4>, Fig. 14, of the wire or sheet-metal rectangle is divided, and the stud is inserted laterally, as shown in Fig. 16. The form of the device may be varied to suit the article to be fastened. The Provisional Specification describes a modification, in which the neck of the stud is clipped between arms formed on the divided end of the rectangle at the gap.




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