Improvements in Apparatus for Water-marking Paper in Paper Making Machines


14,031. Behrend, E. R., and Behrend, O. F. June 20. Paper machines watermarking. - The watermarking impression is made when the web is fully formed, and while it is in a wet condition between the couch rolls and the calenders, preferably at one of the press rolls. Plates 33 carrying types or other designs are removably mounted between flanges on a freely-revolving roll I, which is pressed by a weighted arm 13 &c. against the web as it passes over a roll J. The design plates may be held in place on the roll by means of elastic bands. The outer portions of the roll I are provided with bands 34 of india-rubber &c., which act as cushions and ensure the uniform rotation of the roll with the web. The roll is mounted on ball bearings as shown in Fig. 2, the boss 28 being clamped on to a sleeve 22 which rotates on the balls 23. Any desired number of rolls may be used, each with its weighting-lever being carried in open bearings 10 in a bracket 8, clamped to a shaft 6, which can be turned by a hand-lever 7 for the purpose of moving the rolls out of operation &c. ; 15 is an adjustable stop.




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