Improvements in Slip Leashes for Dogs or the like Purposes.


15,558. Melson, A. D., [trading as Hiatt & Co.]. July 12. Dog leashes and the like. -A leash for slipping dogs and for like purposes engages the ring &c. 7 of the dog collar &c. by means of the jaws 6, 6<a> on the levers 4, 4<a> pivoted together at 5. These levers are normally pressed apart to close the jaws by the toggles 9, 9<a> forced into a straight line by the spring 13, the rear end of which bears on a crossbar 12 sliding freely through holes i the levers. The toggles are pulled down, to release the dog, by a rod 11 fastened to a cord 15, which passes through the leash proper 19 and carries a handle 17. The leash proper is connected to the levers by the arms 14, 14<a>.




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