Improvements in the Manufacture or Production of Printing Surfaces, and in their Application to Printing Purposes


19,007. Christie, G. S. Aug. 29. Lithographic and like printing.-A printing- surface for lithographic printing is made by spreading a mixture on a backing of fabric, such as canvas, and may be used flat, or on a cylinder, or as an endless-band printing-surface. A vehicle is first made by mixing 10 parts of magnesium chlorate, 100 parts of potassium borate, 10 parts of glycerine, and 10 parts of water to a stiff paste. This is then thoroughly incorporated with a mixture of 30 parts of chalk or calcium carbonate, 15 parts of potassium or magnesium carbonate, 3 parts of manganese borate, 3 parts of burnt sienna, 2 parts of oxalic acid, and 1 part of hydrate of lime. The combined mass is ground and passed through a fine sieve, and is spread on the backing and dried at a temperature of 50‹ or 60‹ C. The surface is smoothed or grained to render it fit to receive the drawing or transfer, and is then used flat or on the cylinder of a lithographic press. For printing long patterns or repeats, such as on wall paper &c., the surface may be used in lengths, or as an endless printing-band on rollers.




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