Improved Spittoon


22,223. Podwinetz, I. Oct. 13. Spittoons.-Relates to spittoons for railway carriages and other vehicles &c. Fig. 1 shows a sectional elevation of a railway carriage with the spittoon covered, and Fig. 3 the spittoon uncovered. The cover of the spittoon 3 is formed by a piece 5 of the floor mounted on a pivoted yoke 6, of which one arm is supported by an eye 9 on a pivoted arm 8 held up by the spring 10. On depressing the arm 8 by either of the rods 16, 22, the cover falls into the position shown in Fig. 3. The rod 22, connected to the link 20 and bent lever 21, is operated by the lever 27. The rod 16, connected to the link 13 and bent lever 15, is operated by an arm 23 connected to a bent lever 25 having its movement limited by stops 24.




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