Improvements in Coin-freed Vending Machines.


22,818. Jackson, J. E. Evans-, [Baumann, E. E., and Klug, S.]. Oct. 20. Sale apparatus ; delivery mechanism. -Packages of candy, matches, &c., for sale, are stored in a compartment d and rest on the top of an inner compartment B<2> with an inclined part leading to the delivery aperture hand a slot i for the passage of an ejector C with an arc-shaped head C<1>. The ejector is carried by a shaft operated in one direction by a hand-lever G and in the other direction by a spring f<1>. A number of compartments d may be arranged in one casing. Coin action ; coin-discharging mechanism.-The apparatus is normally locked by a weighted lever D engaging a notch in the ejector head and resting against a fixed stop 12. A coin dropped down a shoot 10 of the form shown acts on the horizontal arm of the lever D, so as to free the catch and bring it into contact with an arm n attached to the ejector and bent at o to allow the coin to fall through an aperture p into the till u. Coin-slit closing devices.-When all the packages have been delivered, the coin slot is closed by a slotted plate M falling into a notch 27 in a disc 26 on a shaft 23, which also carries a ratchetwheel 24 operated by a pawl 36 on a lever 35 connected by a rod 38 to the hand-lever G.




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