Improvements in Safety Gears for Lifts.


24,932. Stevens, E. C., Stevens, P. H., [Executors of Stevens, J. S.], Major, C. G., Stevens, E. C., and Stevens, P. H. Nov. 13. Safety suspending or retaining apparatus.-In Figs. 1 and 2, A is the cage of the lift suspended from two horizontal and parallel bars B. The safety gear is connected to these bars. Two guidesheaves C are mounted as shown, the suspension ropes D passing round them to the three-armed lever E. The ropes are secured to the arms E<1>, E', the two acting in opposition and preventing any movement of the lever E. The third arm E<3> projects over the top of one of the bars, and engages the tappets F secured to the cam shaft G. The shaft is mounted in bearings H, and has a gripping- cam I at each end. Should either rope break, the lever E causes the tappets F to be moved, thereby causing the cams I to engage in the guides J by means of shaft G. Modifications are described whereby more than two ropes may be used, or the safety gear may comprise two cam shafts.




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