Manufacture of Slabs, Tiles, Sheets and other Forms of a Material similar to Marble, Ceramic Ware and the like.


25,850. Klimsch, J. O., Beschorner, A., Wels, C. A., and Ruston, J. V. Nov. 24. Stone, artificial and imitation.-Relates to a composition resembling marble, ceramic ware, &c. and applicable for slabs, tiles, &c., and floor, wall, and roof coverings. The composition consists of bone meal free from gelatine, beetroot residues free from sugar, lyes from distilleries, bran, and peat or cellulose material, to which flour or powdered resin is added as a binding-material. The mixture is repeatedly treated with a saturated solution of magnesium chloride until it contains one part by weight of dry material to three of the saturated solution. Colouring-matter may then be added, and finally ground burnt magnesite in the proportion of three parts to one of the dry mixture. These proportions may be varied. The composition is moulded between polished plain or ornamented plates. The material may be strengthened by embedding it in wood, metal, or wire filaments.




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