Improvements in Driver's Brake Valve Apparatus for Operating Air Brakes for Railway and like Vehicles both by Means of Air Pressure and Electricity.


26,064. Siemens Bros. & Co., [Siemens & Halske Akt.-Ges.]. Nov. 26. Brakes.-Relates to improvements in the drivers' brake valve and switch described in Specification No. 15,369, A.D. 1901. In the present case, the current is switched off in the position in which it was switched on in the case cited, and vice versÔ. In the positions of the handle a shown by the lines I, II, the brakes are taken off by compressed air and the circuit is closed, the switch being locked by the hook d, which engages under the guide f, g on the circuit-closing bar i. In the position III, the brake valve is closed and the bars i, k are connected by the springs b and the brakes may be applied by depressing the lever c, thus breaking the circuit. When the handle is moved to the position IV, in which the brakes are applied by venting the train pipe, the electric circuit is automatically broken as the springs b move clear of the contact bars i, k.




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