Improvements relating to Electric Wiring for Lighting and other Installations.


2239. Bayliss, F. W., and Browne, J. R. Jan. 30. Conduits; junction and test boxes.-Relates to means for coupling the sections of conduits for wiring for house lighting and other purposes by which screw-threads on the conduit are not required. Fig. 5 shows the invention as applied to a junction or test box. The plain ends of the conduits a, b are secured in slotted and externally screw-threaded tubes e, formed on the box, by screwing nuts d on to the tubes e until tapered inner surfaces formed in the nuts engage corresponding surfaces on the tubes e and compress the tubes e on to the conduits. In ordinary junctions the tubes e form part of a bent tube, or of a straight tube formed with hexagonal &c. surfaces to receive a spanner for preventing tampering with the nuts d. As the conduit is not rotated, the tendency to entangle the wires is obviated.




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