Improvements in Plate-holders for Printing Presses


7465. Maley, H. A. March 31. Frames, securing in machines.-Relates to means for securing electrotype or other printing-plates while they are in use in the printing-machine. A block a for supporting one or more printing-plates b is formed with rows of threaded holes c, preferably running diagonally, and close together in the rows. Slotted shoes f, thickened and bevelled at their inner ends f are placed on the block a, engaging the bevelled edges of the plate b. On these are placed clamping-discs d bored eccentrically for screws e, which are passed through them, and through the slots in the shoes f, into some of the holes c. The discs d are pressed against the shoulders formed by the thickened edges f<2> of the the shoes, to press the latter against the plate b, and the screws e are then tightened to secure them.




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