Certain Improvements in Apparatus for Oxidizing Dyed Textile Material


7562. Wild, C. E. April 1 Dyeing. - Relates to apparatus used in oxidizing stockings, yarns, or woven or knitted goods, or other textile materials which have been dyed with h aniline colours, especially those used in the production of black or blue-black colour. The articles are treated with a current of a dry, moist, o r chemicallyimpregnated air or other oxidizing - agent at a uniform normal temperature in a perforated drnm 25. The drum 25 has an openwork body, and is mounted at its ends on bearing-rollers 33, which are driven to rotate the drum. The perforated ends are fitted with conical outer ends or covers which communicate through hollow trunnions with pipes 9 connected to an air &c. heater 11, and by adjusting the perforated ends the air &c. currents can be regulated. The chamber 1, in which the drum 25 is placed, is closed and provided with doors and air inlets or outlets 2, 4 at the top and bottom. The air &c. is circulated through the heater 11 and the drum 25 by means of a fan or equivalent 13, the inlet and outlet pipes 14, 12 of which are fitted with dampers 15, 23, 16, 21, and are connected together and to the chamber 1 and heater 11 in such a manner that the air may be circulated in a closed circuit through the drum 25 and heater in any desired direction. The same air may be used throughout the process, or fresh air may be drawn in continuously through the branch pipe shown, and water or a chemical may be introduced through a branch 40 on the discharge pipe 12 of the fan. The articles within the drum 25 are raised and exposed to the action of the air by means of pins or studs which project from the interior of the drum. Part of the circumference of the drum is covered by a stationary shield 31 which prevents air from escaping or entering at the part not covered by the articles undergoing the treatment.




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