Improvements in and connected with Steam Excavators.

  • Inventors: HARRY JUBB
  • Assignees: Harry Jubb
  • Publication Date: March 31, 1904
  • Publication Number: GB-190311496-A


11,496. Jubb, H. May 20. Cranes.-Relates to steam navvies or excavators, and consists in the combination of excavating-apparatus with the framework of an ordinary travelling jib crane, the object being to enable trenches to be cut to any required depth below the base of the apparatus, and yet always keep the apparatus on a solid foundation. Bolted to the frame of the crane is a horizontal jib A, at the end of which is mounted a short shaft F carrying pinions G gearing with racks on the bucket arm J. The shaft F is connected through gearing P, R, &c. and shafts W, Z, supported by the jib A and pillar B, with the shaft 1 carrying a brake disc 3, by means of which the depth of the bucket's cut is controlled, as it is pulled up by the chain 6. By this arrangement of the shafts W &c. and gearing, a clear space is provided under the jib A. The bucket-arm racks are kept in gear with their pinions by an arm pivoted on the shaft F and carrying rollers M, and the bucket is discharged through a door 14 controlled by a rope 16.




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