Improved Walking Cane with Enclosed Floats.

  • Inventors: CARL BIEBER
  • Assignees: Carl Bieber
  • Publication Date: October 15, 1903
  • Publication Number: GB-190314268-A


14,268. Bieber, C. June 27. Walking-sticks containing life-saving apparatus. A hollow walking-stick contains two bladders which, when inflated, are capable of supporting a person in the water, the stick forming a connection between them. Referring to the Figures, b, c are bladders, preferably oiled hog's bladders, connected by flexible tubes d, f. The handle k is hinged to the stick, and may be fixed in its closed position by a ring or clip. When the handle is turned back on its hinge, the upper bladder b can be pulled out, if necessary, by a chain p. The lower bladder c can be pulled out after unscrewing the ferrule l, which is attached to the end of the stick by a chain and swivel. The tubes d, f are connected to a central casing containing an inflating-valve, which is covered in by a slide s. The bladders are inflated by blowing into the valve, which is then closed by the air pressure and a spring v. To deflate the bladders, pressure is applied to a push n on the valve. To avoid strain on the tubes d, f, the bladders may be further supported by cords.




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