Improvements in, and relating to, Brake Mechanism, more especially applicable to Motor Cycles.

  • Inventors: JOHN DRING
  • Assignees: John Dring
  • Publication Date: August 04, 1904
  • Publication Number: GB-190321202-A


21,202. Dring, J. Oct. 2. Brakes, especially applicable to motor cycles. The spring- restored arm b is carried by the screw d; and supports, by a rule joint j, the brake block a, which contacts with the rim of the belt pulley or disc c on the driving-wheel. The arm b also carries a screw l, on which is mounted the eyelet piece m slotted at n to receive the cord o of a brake actuating mechanism of the Bowden or other type. The brake is secured by a suitable clip g to the frame bar i, which also carries an adjustable clip r which supports the abutment p of the incompressible member q of the Bowden mechanism. By altering the positions of the parts b, m on the screws d, l, the brake may be adapted to work on machines of various types and having varying sections and widths of belt rim. Another brake arm and block may be arranged to act on the opposite or other side of the belt rim, and the two brakes may be connected so as to grip both sides of the rim simultaneously.




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