Improvements relating to Photographic Cameras

  • Inventors: CONRAD BECK
  • Assignees: Conrad Beck
  • Publication Date: September 15, 1904
  • Publication Number: GB-190324520-A


24,520. Beck, C. Nov. 12. Cameras; lenses and lens fittings.-An ordinary magazine camera is described, which may be adapted for telephoto work by tbrowing into position a set of negative lenses contained in the body of the camera. The negative lenses g, Fig. 3, which are used with the ordinary lenses j for telephoto work are ordinarily contained in the lower front portion of the camera. They maybe mounted on a sliding frame e and moved in position by a handle h, as in Fig. 2, or they may be pivoted at l to the front portion b of the camera so as to be swung round into position when required. Two focussing-scales are provided on the camera, for telephoto and ordinary work.




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