Improvements in and relating to Furniture Handles, Knobs, Pulls, and like Fittings,


26,262. Tower, D. W. Dec. 1. Locking bolts, nuts, and washers.-In devices for securing handles, pulls, knobs, and similar fittings to furniture &c., a pull 11, Fig. 5, engages with a screw 3 which extends through an opening 2 in the front of a drawer or similar structure. The base of the head 4 of the screw has a flange 5 provided witb a series of projections or pins 7 which engage with a series of notches or recesses on the surface of a washer 8 provided with spurs or prongs 9. The corrugations prevent the screw from working loose, the spurs 9 being embedded in the wood. In the case of a knob, rotation is prevented by a dished washer 15, Fig. 1, having prongs 16 which are embedded in the wood. A non- circular boss 13 on the handle fits into a corresponding aperture in the washer, the sides 17 of the aperture extending to the front of the drawer to prevent crushing of the washer. The washer is made of iron, steel, or other cheap metal, and is covered by a brass or other washer held in place by a flange at the rear of the knob.




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