Improvements in Machines for Spinning Carded Wool.


27,250. Achenbach, W., and Dick, O. Dec. 12. Flyer frames ; processes.-In machines for spinning carded wool, the material passes from the drawing-rollers 8, and over a guide-wire 9, which is adjustable in height, to the eye 7 of a flyer 6, which is driven at a uniform speed by means of a band and wharl 14, while the spindle is driven at a variable speed according to the diameter of the cop at which winding is taking place. The spindle is driven by a disc and roller arrangement 16, 18, the discs or rollers 18 being mounted on a longitudinally-movable shaft 17. The flyers are mounted by means of grooved discs 3 in the lifting rail 4, and are mounted so as to rotate with, and also slide upon, the continuously-driven sleeves 2. The lifting rail is raised and lowered by cams 22 on a shaft 24 which carries also the cam 25 for varying the speed of the spindles, the cam 25 acting to move the shaft 17 longitudinally through the spring rod 26 and lever 29. The shaft 24 is moved longitudinally in a step-by-step fashion as the winding proceeds by means of a screw 31 and a ratchet arrangement 33, 34, the ratchet-pawl being operated by an eccentric 40 through which the square or polygonal end of the shaft 24 can slide.




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