Filling and Bunging Machine for Beer Barrels


948. Bentley, C. W. Jan. 14. Filling with liquids; bungs.-Barrels are filled with carbonated beer and the bung is inserted by means of an arrangement which prevents the escape of gas during the operations. To the bush of the bunghole is attached a clip a, Fig. 13, which is in two parts, pivoted at a<6>, and actuated by a screw a<1> at the opposite ends, the clip having a flange underneath to engage with the bush as shown in Fig. 5. The clip has perforated lugs a<2> to which is pivoted a lug b<1>, Fig. 2, on a filling- hox, which is in two parts, an upper and a lower, secured together by screws. Through the box slides the filling-pipe h, which is suitably packed on the top of the box, and has a flange h<1> at the base to prevent withdrawal. The filling- tube is raised and lowered by a handle j<2> having a bow j<1> which saddles a hook c<1> to which it is attached by screws k<2>. The hoop c' is adjustably secured to the filling-tube, and the bow j<1> is jointed to pivoted links so that the filling-tube is actuated by working the handle j<2>. The filling-box is fitted with a tap d<3> through which the air from the barrel is allowed to escape to a carbonating- cylinder, and with a tap d<4> for ascertaining when the barrel is filled. Within the box slides a hoop n, enclosing the bung n<2>, which, when the cask is filled, is slid by a suitably-packed rod o' over a bush p, placed in an aperture in the bottom of the box, which directs it to the bunghole. The bung is then driven home by operating the filling-tube. The box has a recess at the base to receive a washer or packing-ring c, Fig. 5.




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