Improvements in Lubricating Cans, and Tanks, Cabinets and Vessels for Containing and Delivering Oil and other Liquids

  • Inventors: WALTER SHAW
  • Assignees: Walter Shaw
  • Publication Date: September 01, 1904
  • Publication Number: GB-190401213-A


1213. Shaw, W., (trading as Lloyd & Co., R.), [Hjorth & Co., B. A.]. Jan. 18. Cans.-Relates to vessels for containing and delivering oil and other liquids, described as applied to lubricating-cans. The vessel a, shown partly in section in Fig. 1 and in Fig. 2 as a section upon the line x, Fig. 1, is filled through the opening c, and is discharged by means of air pressure produced by the pump g, situated preferably within the can as shown. The non-return valve g<1> of the pump is spring-closed. The pump may be provided with a pipe leading to the top of the vessel. The valve c, which controls the discharge of the oil &c., is, normally, pressed upon its seat by a spring, as shown in Fig. 2, and is opened by pressing upon the head f<1> of a rod f. Fig. 4 shows the valve in the open position.




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