Improvements in Automatic Tacking Hammers


3023. Newton, H. B. Feb. 6. Nailing, hand tools for; combination tools; hammers.-An automatic tacking-hammer or a hammer and lasting-pincers provided with a receptacle for loose tacks is shown in Figs. 1, 6, and 10. The tacks pass from the receptacle 4 along the raceway 5 and are admitted singly by the plates 9, 12 to the tube 6, the passage 60, and chamber 7 in the movable member 3, ready to be driven home by the driver 8. The plates 9, 12 are fixed to a transverse bar 13 which is reciprocated by a spring and the member 3, the plate 12 having a finger 20 and the plate 9 a parallel and a wedge-shaped finger 11, 10. A tack is first arrested by the finger 10, on the return of the bar 13 by the plate 12, on the forward motion of the bar 13 by the finger 11, and on the second return motion of the bar the finger 11 releases the tack and the plate 12 closes the raceway 5 to prevent the overturning of the tack and arrest the next tack. Towards the end of the forward motion of the bar 13 the finger 20 allows the tack to swing into the position shown in Fig. 6 so that the fingers 11, 10 may pass in front of and behind it. The tack is guided by the spring-pressed latch 14 having a raceway 15 the upper edges of the sides of which are inclined so that the tack can just pass beneath the partition 16, but its return is practically impossible. The driver has a tongue 18 to enter the raceway 15. The spring latch 14 yields when the tack is being driven home, the latch 14 being hinged so that an imperfect tack may be readily removed from the passage 60 or chamber 7.




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