Improvements in Axle Boxes for Railways Carriages & Wagons, and similar Vehicles.


5010. Morgan, D. J. Feb. 29. Axle-boxcs for railway carriages and wagons and similar vehicles are made in two parts bolted together so as to be removable for inspection or repair, and are provided with oil and grease reservoirs, the former having apertures for testing the depth of oil. The upper part A, Fig. 3, of the axle-box is secured to the lower part B by vertical bolts E and a horizontal bolt F. The reservoir J in the upper part communicates with the bearing through siphon pipes R, Fig. 4, when oil is used, but when grease is used the pipes are removed and fusible plugs are inserted. A space fitted with a removable filter d admits oil through a passage OC to an oil chamber K formed in the lower part, the upper surface of which supports a spring 0 for holding the lubricating-pad up to the journal. If a longer spring is used, the partition forms a guide for the spring as shown at g, Fig. 5. The siphon worsted or wool of the pad is led through the spring as shown, and prevents the oil from rushing out of the reservoir during tipping or shunting. For sighting the depth of oil when charging, a thumb-screw W is fitted with a central hole having a side opening near the head through which the oil oozes when the screw is slacked ; or a screw with a flat filed on one side may be employed. A similar screw Z has a transverse hole to admit a sounding-rod, or the same screw may be used as shown in Fig. 13. Where the front cover is bolted on, the oil reservoir is formed on the cover. Several springs or one long spring may be used to hold up the lubricating-pad. To prevent oil from being wasted between the axle and axle-box, a protector s, Fig. 15, is fitted in a recess in the axle-box between the dust shield and the journal, and is held in position by corrugated springs b, b'. This part of the axle-box may be bolted on, and may have a lubricating-ring t, Fig. 16, attached as shown. According to the Provisional Specification, a sounding-rod is provided to test the depth of the oil.




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