Improvements in Mechanical Recording Targets.


6730. Ell, W. H. March 19. Shooting-galleries ; targets.- Relates to means for recording the number of hits on a target or bull's-eye, and to apparatus for returning the coin, after a certain number of hits, in coin-freed apparatus of the kind described in Specification No. 4469, A.D. 1904. The target p is carried by a spring escapement lever i, pivoted in a support j secured to a fixed bridge-piece h, and moves in a flanged opening o in a front plate m provided with an aperture n, through which a number on the marking-disc a is seen. Projections k, r of the lever engage with studs g projecting from the face of the marking-disc, which is rotated with a step-by-step movement by a spring e, to record the hits. The spring is wound up and the marking-disc returned to its starting point by a cord or flexible connection f, which is wound on a drum d of the disc, and is operated by hand or by the draw-bar of the coin-freed machine. A rod connected with a coin-retaining plate of the coinfreed apparatus is pivoted to a bell-crank catch bearing against a cam-disc S on the marking-disc spindle b. When the catch is opposite to a flat part of the cam, the coin is released. The invention is applicable to sectional and figure targets.




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