Automatic Scene-displaying Apparatus.


7346. Mensing, C. F. April 25, A.D. 1903, [date applied for under Patents Act, A.D. 1901]. Phonographs. - Scenes are displayed automatically in conjunction with the phonographic reproduction of descriptive words by clamping them on a wheel 4, Fig. 1, the hub 10 of which is connected by a spring 12, Fig. 4, with a shaft 1 driven continuously by an electromotor 31. The wheel 4 is arrested and freed at the proper intervals by means of an electromagnet 18, controlled by the phonographic or other apparatus, and a lever 21 engaging pins 9 on the wheel and carrying a spring catch 25. At each excitation of the magnet, the armature lifts the catch 25 and lever 21, and allows the wheel to turn, the bevelled end of the catch trips against the magnet, and the lever 21 drops again in the path of the next pin 9. A lens 27 and lamp 30 are provided.




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